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How to add shape dividers to your strips - Wix Website Design

Have you ever thought to yourself "Geez Louise, the bottom of my Wix website strips are painfully dull"? Well fear not, at Miss Wix we are here to teach you a little trick for adding fun to your strips and to improve your user experience. Oooh yeah, I'm ready.

Travel website with paris city skyline as shape divider affordable wix website design australia new zealand
Paris Shape Divider. Oui

What are shape dividers anyway?

Shape dividers are graphic shapes that go at the top and/or bottom of a strip on your Wix website. Rather than having a straight line, they add interest and create unique and fluid transitions between strips.

Whether you want sharp angles, fluid shapes, or themed graphics, there are a variety of designs available to suit your Wix website. There are also lots of customisation options available, so you can personalise your layout and create eye-catching Wix website pages.

Shape dividers are perfect for connecting or creating a smooth transition between visual content and a single colored section. Using the same colour for your shape divider as your strip on your Wix website page helped the image to be merged in across the section.

Mexican restaurant flame shape divider Small business website design affordable wix SEO website development
Red Hot Flame Shape Divider.. Spicy.

How do shape dividers work?

The Shape Divider feature uses optimised SVG shapes, otherwise known as vectors, that are customised and ready to be attached to either the top or the bottom of the strips on your Wix website.

Wix kindly developed this feature with a focus on ensuring the shapes were optimised, lightweight and ready to be viewed on any screen, resolution and device. Because the shapes are SVGs, they are always seen as high resolution, including on retina screens.

Adding a shape divider

Get started by adding a shape divider to your strip. You can add a divider to the top or bottom of your strip, or both.

There are a range of shapes you can choose from, as well as additional designs in the Wix Media catalog. You can also upload your own shape to give this transition a personal touch.