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How to add a Christmas themed shape divider to your Wix website

It's that time of year again folks, join me while we put Bublé and Mariah on repeat and add some Christmas themed fun to our Wix website strips.

At Miss Wix we are here to teach you a little trick for adding Christmas cheer to your strips and to improve your user experience. It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar.

Christmas themed shape divider affordable wix website design australia new zealand
Santa Christmas themed shape divider

What are shape dividers?

Rather than having a straight line at the top or bottom of your strips, shape dividers are graphic shapes that add interest and create unique and fluid transitions between strips on your Wix website.

Shape dividers are perfect for connecting or creating a smooth shift between visual content and a single-colored section. Using the same colour for your shape divider as your strip on your Wix website page helps the image to be merged seamlessly across the section.

The shape divider feature uses optimised vectors, that are customised and ready to be attached to either the top or the bottom of the strips on your Wix website.

Christmas themed snowflake shape divider Small business website design affordable wix SEO website development
Falling snowflakes shape divider

Adding a shape divider

There are a range of shapes including Christmas-themed shapes, you can choose from, as well as additional designs in the Wix Media catalog. You can also upload your own shape to give this transition a personal touch.

To add a shape divider to your strip:

  1. Head to your Wix website Editor

  2. Click on the strip you want to add a shape divider to.

  3. Select the Shape Dividers icon

  4. Click the Top or Bottom tab to choose where to add the divider.

  5. Select a divider to add to your strip by clicking on one of the suggested styles or click + More Shapes.

  6. Use the search function to search for Christmas-themed dividers.

How to Wix strip shape divider small busines website design christchurch hamilton papamoa
Wix Editor Shape Divider Button

What Christmas-themed graphics are there?

Whether you want Santa and presents, snowflakes or trees, there are a variety of Christmas-themed designs available to snazzy up your Wix website! Here are some keywords to search for in the + More Shapes function to find Christmas-themed shape dividers:

  • Christmas

  • Presents

  • Santa

  • Snowflakes

  • Reindeer

  • Nativity.

Personalise your shape divider

After adding a shape divider to your strip, you can use design options to personalise it to match your Wix website theme, or to stand out against the page's content. Choose the colour, set the visibility, and change its position to make it look how you want.

To customise your shape divider:

  1. Click the Shape Dividers icon.

  2. Select the Customize Design button at the bottom of the pop-up.

  3. Choose how you want to adjust the look of your shape divider:

    • Opacity & colour: Select the colour you want for your divider - a colour similar or the same as your strip helps to make the transition smooth - and change the opacity to whatever you like.

    • Height: Set how high or low you want the divider to be on the strip.

    • Horizontal offset: Position your shape divider to the right or left.

    • Layer effect: Click the toggle to add a fade effect to the divider, then select a direction from the drop-down:

      • Centred

      • Fade to top

      • Fade to bottom

    • Invert: Invert the shape of the divider to display vertically.

    • Flip: Flip the divider to display horizontally on your strip.

Reindeer Christmas website designer wix strip shape divider small busines website design christchurch hamilton papamoa
Reindeer Christmas Wix Strip Divider

Can I use my own custom shapes?

Yes! Although there is a boatload of shapes to choose from in the Wix editor, you can also upload your own Christmas-themed custom shape dividers. Custom shape dividers are a great way to reinforce your brand identity and add a personal touch to your Wix website.

What kind of custom shape dividers can I upload?

It is only possible to upload SVG files as shape dividers on your site. Files must be no larger than 250KB. The recommended proportion size for your SVG files is 1920px with a height between 50-300px.

Are shape dividers mobile friendly?

Yup, they sure are! Shape dividers are automatically carried over to your mobile site, and are fixed at 50 px. Christmas made easy.

Tips for using shape dividers

  • Make sure the shapes aren't so big that they hide your content.

  • Make it a solid colour

  • Check it on mobile and tablet and customise the width and height if needed.

  • Use them together with the parallax effect in your strips.

Final Thoughts

Add some holiday cheer to your affordable Wix website design with a Christmas-themed shape divider! Unique and thematic graphics can help bring attention to your holiday specials and get your customers excited to engage with you at this special time of year.

Want some help getting some extra oomph with your Wix website design? Get in touch with us today!

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